Frequently Asked Questions

How do I raise my credit limit?
Your credit limit is largely determined by the references you provide and your payment history. If you establish a good payment record with us we can raise your limit incrementally. If you need a substantial increase, assuming your payment history with us is good, you can write us a note requesting us to re-check your references on a list you provide, and we will do so. Please provide references where you have demonstrated credit history approximating the limit you wish Alamo Forest Products to provide. For example, if you want a $25,000 limit, give us some references where your high credit has been at least $25,000.
How do I handle name change, change of address, new telephone numbers?
If the business has adopted a DBA or has changed name, only, no change in control, then please write or fax us a signed note to that effect. If your business has changed control, we will need a new credit application. For address changes, please write or fax us a note on your letterhead advising us of the change and specifying whether this is the mailing address, ship-to address, or both. For new telephone numbers, please advise your salesperson and we will make the change.
My business is changing hands, what do you need from me?
First, we will need to know the effective date of the change in control. Then we will need a signed credit application from the new owners. Please see Getting Started under the New Customer section.
I want a monthly statement; or I don’t want a monthly statement.
Please advise your salesperson. Statements are provided at no charge.
Can I get my invoices and quotations priced per each piece?
Yes, please advise your salesperson. However, know that this is a universal election, all priced sales documents will be priced in the same manner.
Can I pay with a credit card?
No, Alamo Forest Products does not accept credit cards for payment.
Can I pay by wire transfer?
Yes, please advise your salesperson and we will provide you with our bank information so that you can make wire transfers.